Why The Show


  • Being the world’s largest economy, Europe is the most lucrative marketplace for global trade. According to the World Bank, the European Union (EU) pack’s total GDP in 2017 amounted to 19.9 trillion EUR and its population’s average monthly wage per worker reached an all-time high of 1,769 EUR.
  • Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, and Austria are the EU countries with the wealthiest population commanding strong per capita purchasing power as well as a sizeable retail market.
  • 2017 was the year of the “Euroboom” with buoyant economic and consumer spending sentiment. According to the European Commission, the euro zone GDP rose 2.5% overall in 2017, being the fastest growth rate in a decade. Similar robust growth pace is expected for the year 2018.
  • France is Europe’s second-largest economy with over 65 million consumers, and the biggest import and export hub in the EU. According to statistics body INSEE, France’s economy expanded by 2.0% overall for 2017, hitting six-year high since 2011.
  • For years, EU has been the prime destination for Asian exports. According to Eurostat’s figures, among the top 10 supplier countries of the EU imports, four are from Asia including China, Japan, South Korea and India. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia are also EU’s key Asian trading partners.

A New Hub For
Asian Sourcing in EUROPE

The EU’s ever-growing imports from Asia indicate the strong demand and popularity of Asian-made products among European consumers. It bodes well for Asia-based and international companies which produce in the Far East to increase their sales and market expansion effort in this region. The 2018 Asian Gifts & Housewares Show-Paris is offering an ideal platform for suppliers to further grow their market reach in Europe. Visiting buyers will benefit from this new hub for Asian sourcing in Europe.